About Magnum

Founded in April 1994 by its chairman, Dion Friedland, Magnum focuses on identifying the leading hedge funds in the world and combining them into funds of hedge funds designed to deliver targeted levels of return for given levels of risk. Magnum offers 2 offshore funds of hedge funds, and two funds of hedge funds that are Limited Partnerships for U.S. taxable investors. In addition, Magnum specializes in creating private-label funds of hedge funds for third parties such as banks, brokers, financial intermediaries and wealthy families and individuals.

Although Magnum Fund Management Ltd. is based in Nassau, Magnum U.S. Investments Inc., with a staff of 5 full-time professionals located in Miami, assists Magnum in identifying, tracking, monitoring, and performing the necessary due diligence on the leading hedge funds in the industry.

Magnum's expertise in hedge funds is enhanced by a close association with leading research firms, successful hedge fund managers, and brokerage houses whose macro research gives its research team an edge in understanding world market trends, enabling them to make better hedge-fund allocation decisions.

Magnum has been involved in the fund of funds industry since 1994, and along with a dedicated research staff in Miami, has the experience and has developed the expertise necessary to create funds of hedge funds designed to deliver targeted risk-adjusted levels of return. Magnum's superior access to research and industry information, combined with years of practical experience in identifying and investing in the leading hedge funds, provides Magnum with the skill and expertise to assess the qualitative factors that are important in differentiating successful hedge funds. Magnum's analytical edge and knowledge of the industry enables it to build funds of hedge funds that minimize risk while seeking positive non-market- correlated returns under most market conditions.

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