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        The Magnum edge in selecting hedge funds and strategically allocating its investments is magnified by the expertise of Dion R. Friedland, chairman and CEO. Friedland has been an active investor in worldwide stock markets and funds since the early 1970s. Since the 1987 world stock market crash, he has developed investment strategies that are not primarily linked to general market conditions. 

        Friedland's expertise in hedge funds is assisted by his close association with Global Investment Research, Inc., CrossBorder Capital, Zulauf Asset Management AG and other research firms, successful hedge fund managers, and brokerage houses whose macro research gives him an edge in understanding world market trends, enabling him to make better hedge-fund allocation decisions. In addition, Magnum's research division, headed by Brett Friedland, works with independent database providers whose extensive database services provide them with valuable quantitative research on hedge-fund performance. Past results, which are only meaningful for low-volatility, relative-value strategies, are merely one of the filters Magnum uses in making asset-allocation decisions. 

        Friedland is the founding president of the Hedge Fund Association, and publisher of Magnum Fund Alert and Magnum Hedge Fund Reporter, the largest circulation journals in the hedge fund industry. He is a frequent speaker at hedge-fund and financial conferences, and has been quoted or had his funds featured in numerous print and electronic media, including CNN, CNBC, NHK Television (Japan), The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Barron’s, the International Herald Tribune, USA Today, Business Week, Financial Mail, Finance Week, and publications of Institutional Investor, Inc.


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