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Sunday August 07 2022
Media Articles

Cover Story Articles

ViewPoint by David Smith
"The New Behemoths in the Boardroom"

Offshore Finance Canada May - June 2000
Master of the Offshore Hedge Fund

The Wall Street Journal November 14, 2001
Russian Equities Surges to a High Amid Optimism Following Summit

Personal Investor Australia - February 2001
Managed Funds Six Pack (.pdf)

Magnum Funds of Hedge Funds November 2004
Magnum Unveiling Two New Single-Manager Funds

The Miami Herald August 16, 2002
Hedge Funds Offer Returns for Deep-Pocketed Investors

Sydney Morning Herald December 9, 2000
Trading with the Big Boys (.pdf)

High Yield Investments  July 2000
Excerpt from: Get Rich…Quickly

Offshore Finance Canada  May - June 2000
Master of the Offshore Hedge Fund

Forbes  February 16, 2000
The Cash Machine

Personal Wealth Weekly  February 11, 2000
Big Daddy's The Obstacle On This Investment Path

Smart Investor  December 1999
Hedge Funds the Rolls-Royce of Investment Vehicles

Smart Investor  December 1999
Product Analysis: Magnum US Equity Fund

Investor Weekly  September 20-26, 1999
Australia Gets Third Multi-Manager Hedge Fund

Bridge News  March 3, 1999
Magnum Global Says MOF Study Group Not Deterrent

Bridge News  February 25, 1999
Japan Seen as Next Best Market to Find Investors

Miami Herald  November 23, 1998
They're Hedge Fund Investors And Proud of It

Financial Mail  October 2, 1998
Beat the Bear

               Portfolio International August 1998

               Magnum’s Four New Alternatives

Private Asset Management  July 13, 1998
Friedland's Magnum Tests European Waters

Finance Week  April 16, 1998
The Attraction of Hedge Funds in Times of Uncertainty

Portfolio International  March 1998
Big Winners, Big Losers

Forward  March 13, 1998
Fund-of-Funds Popularizes Investment of Super Rich: Friedland's
Magnum Fund Diversifies and Caters to Clients' Risk-Reward Needs

Sunday Independent  March 1, 1998
Friedland Scores Big in Russia

Sunday Times, South Africa  February 15, 1998
Magnum Hedge Funds Shine

Sunday Independent, South Africa  February 1, 1998
Three Magnum Funds Ranked Among Top 5 In Hedge-Fund Ratings

The Star  November 26, 1997
Familiarize Yourself with the Sophisticated Option of Hedge Funds
Before They Arrive

Financial Mail  November 7, 1997
Hedging Options for Nervous Investors: Controversial Derivative
Markets May Not Be As Risky As The Bad News Indicates

Financial Mail  October 3, 1997
For Carnivores Only: Like the Grizzly Bear, Global Macro Funds Are
Volatile and Unpredictable

Offshore Financial Review  August 1997
Magnum Shoots Down Minimums in Four Funds

Single-Strategy Hedge Funds

Offshore Business  August 1999
Elite Traders Harnessed to New Magnum Vehicle

Financial Mail  November 20, 1998
A Growing Pool

Portfolio International  September 1998
Omni Award

Lipper Analytical Services  March 27, 1998
Funds With 1 Year Performance Greater Than 48% Currency: UK Pound Sterling, Geographic Focus: United Kingdom

Portfolio International  March 1998
Big Winners, Big Losers

Offshore Financial Review  February 1998
Magnum Fund Named the World's Best

Financial Mail  November 28, 1997
Barriers To SA Investors: Exchange Controls, Tight Unit Trust Rules and
High Tax Act As Disincentives to Setting Up Funds Locally

Hedge Funds General


               Newsweek August 24 and 31, 2009
               Hedge Funds Are Good

               FinFund March, 2008
               Top Hedge Funds Have Taken Recent Hits With Honour


New York Times May 10, 2006
After Doing Its Homework, a College Puts Its Money Into Hedge Funds


Redesigned - Easier to Navigate May 4, 2005 Has Been Redesigned


Hedge Funds Experience Net Inflows of Capital in 2004 January 12, 2005
Individuals and Family Offices Remain the Largest Source of Capital (.pdf)

Number of Hedge Funds and Assets Under Management 2005 January, 2005
Hedge Fund Industry Growth (.pdf)

Michael Tannenbaum Named Hedge Fund Association President Febrauary 9, 2003
Eight New Directors Also Named

Dion Friedland Steps Down as Hedge Fund Association President  January 26, 2003
Magnum Chairman’s Tenure at the HFA Coincided with Huge Growth in the Industry

The Miami Herald  August 16, 2002
Hedge Funds Offer Returns for Deep-Pocketed Investors  September 25, 2001
Interview: Dion Friedland, Hedge Fund Association

Smart Investor  December 1999
Hedge Funds The Rolls-Royce of Investment Vehicles

Personal Wealth Weekly  November 12, 1999
Hedge Funds - Tailoring Risk and Return

The Citizen  November 12, 1999
Hedge Funds: Investment Vehicle of The Future

Financial Mail  October 15, 1999
But They're Swans

Financial Times
  August 9, 1999

Funds of the Future


               The Journal of Alternative Investments  Winter 1998

               Dealing with Myths of Hedge Fund Investment

               Financial Mail  October 2, 1998
               Beat the Bear



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