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Sunday August 07 2022
Magnum Chairman’s Tenure at the HFA Coincided with Huge Growth in the Industry

Dion Friedland Steps Down as Hedge Fund Association President After Seven Years January 26, 2003 


Aventura, Florida - Leading the Hedge Fund Association to become an internationally recognized industry resource and heading the association during a time of huge growth in the hedge fund industry, Dion Friedland has announced he is stepping down after seven years as president.


Friedland, a prominent member of the hedge fund industry as chairman and founder of Magnum Funds, formed the Hedge Fund Association in January 1996 with 20 founding members. Initially named the Funds of Funds Association and changed to the Hedge Fund Association in March 1998, the organization consists of hedge fund managers, service providers, and investors formed to unite the hedge fund industry and add to the increasing awareness of the advantages and opportunities in hedge funds.


Hedge funds were a $200 billion industry when the association began, and suffering from misperceptions about high risk and volatility fueled in large part by media focus on sharp moves made by global macro hedge funds. One of the HFA’s primary aims has been to educate the investing public and legislators around the world on the true benefits as well as potential risks associated with investing in the different hedge fund strategies.


Today the hedge fund industry has grown to approximately $650 billion, with hedge funds now the mainstream investment for many individual investors as well as banks, pension funds, insurance companies and others. In addition, major banks and brokerages are all now involved in the hedge fund business with hedge funds and funds of funds of their own.


“Hedge funds have surged in popularity in recent years, particularly as they have provided a means for capital preservation in bear markets,” says Friedland. “It has been a privilege heading this association and helping promote public awareness about hedge funds during a time of huge transition and growth in the industry.”


The Association’s website ( is one of the most visited websites for information on hedge funds. The web site contains a large amount of information and is used by institutions, investors, hedge fund managers, authors, students and the media to become more educated about hedge funds and the various hedge fund strategies.


Friedland’s successor will be announced in the coming days. For more information, contact Lara Block  202-478-2000.

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